Benefits that superplayer get to enjoy More Info

1. ( Superplayer gets to earn more in rebates then a normal player ) you are able to register a new member account using another number , use the new account to place bets, the new member would be able to get 0.5% rebates and superplayer will be able to earn 0.3% in addition of 0.2% of cash rebates . 2. Superplayer gets to enjoy 0.2% of rebates thru all members open by its superplayer account itself and able to cash out all rebates earned . 3. Superplayer are able to enjoy 10% rebates from 4D of its direct member, meanung if each of your member were to bet 100 of 4D equivalent to 1000 u would be able to earn total of 100 in cash rebates Requirement of becoming a superplayer . 1. You are require to bring in at least 5 new players in per month. 2 At least a total turnover bets of 50k and above within 2 months ( Any violation of rules will result in deactivation of account ). 3. Only existing customer of warbet which have to up or withdraw before are able to apply for superplayer . * You may apply thru your upline or customer service if ypu wish to become a superplayer and earn lucrative cash being a superplayer .

Lionking accept chip Coming soon More Info

15/10/2021 Lionking Accepts Rebate chips for Betting

Warbet greatest partner LionKing will be giving out $100,000 More Info

Rebate chips More Info

Fist platform in Singapore that Accepts Rebate chips for Betting Games

LIONKING Greatest Partner More Info

4D : B 3000 SGD , S 4200 SGD, A 7500 SGD More Info

RCB988 Horse Unlimited rebate 1.0% More Info

The 1.0% Rebate promotion are started from the period of 15th of August until 15th of September. This promotion are valid for ONE month only